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Information: At Speer Floors, we specialize in installing and improving any of your flooring, such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring. Call our local flooring company today!
We also offer services of floor modifications. If modified incorrectly, erosion or mold may occur and other household services may be required, which could end up being costly. We always keep this in mind when making adjustments to this surface. If you require a flooring replacement altogether, this is one of our specialties as well. We are experts of installation and repair, but always remember that fixing up your house should not be stressful at all - it should be so much fun!
Would you like for hardwood floors to be installed, but would feel more comfortable letting a professional handle it? If you require the assistance of one of our valuable team members for any floor service, wouldn't you like to find one who is both reliable and honest? Here, at Speer Floors, we have the answers to all of your questions. We are excited to help you turn your house into your dream home!
Do you think it's time to freshen up your kitchen a little? Speer Floors offers these services. You will feel awakened and refreshed once you see the endless possibilities that this room holds.
Is your bathroom in need of a new floor entirely? Has it been stained with watermarks and other damages? You're in luck because this is one of our specialties. If you feel content in your home then our work has been done. Speer Floors offers a variety of different services of remodeling and repair for all of your home needs. We will tend to these projects and other tasks while providing you with excellent customer service. Our team is both cooperative and loyal and our business would not be what it is without them. Allow one of our valuable team members to discuss our prices with you for our services today!
Laminate flooring will give you and your home a fresh new beginning. The right architecture could potentially add life and energy to your home's interior or exterior while increasing the value.
Speer Floors has locations in Modesto and Turlock for your convenience, along with three other cities. We look forward to getting started in your home! Learn More

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